After producing over 600 Star Trek episodes and 4 motion pictures, I guess I’m pretty familiar with stress and anxiety. What made me stick around and follow through [with the instruction in the TM® technique], was not only my fascination and attraction to the principles of TM®.  It was equally a result of the remarkably warm, patient, and informative leadership of Jim and Nina Meade. Rick Berman, Star Trek Producer

I came to Jim to guide me into the world of TM®, knowing nothing about it. He gently explained to me the goals, the concept, the ease. My time with Jim led me to a more spiritually significant life, with TM® at the core of my journey. Lou Simon, VP, Music Programming, Sirius XM Radio

Working with Jim was not only an eye-opening experience—it was completely transformative. The act of Transcendental Meditation as it was described to me years before I began was intimidating to say the least; then I found Jim and Nina. Jim walked me through each step slowly, without judgment and with complete ease. I am excited that he is out in the world teaching people of all ages to practice this technique. We are the lucky ones.  Marielle Scott, actor in Lady Bird, You, A Teacher

perfectionist x anxiety = disaster

I was so mad when I started TM®. I felt like a 50-ton whale with so many barnacles on me that I couldn’t swim anymore. From the moment I met Jim Meade, his knowledge, joy of teaching, and slightly left of center sense of humor started to knock them off.  Early on, he mentioned the word “effortless” and I thought “yeah, right . . .” Now, after several years of his unique brand of “Jimspiration.” I can’t imagine a day without my two pillars of TM®. I am on track and at peace with my purpose in life.  To make people laugh with my heart.  Effortlessly.  Yeah, right. Clay Bravo, actress, writer, humorista

Jim Meade’s inspirational talks and books keep me motivated, on track, and in alignment with who I know myself to be. Read this book! Katie Love, Writer/Producer/Comedian, WriteLaughLove.com (Meade student)

Since meeting with Jim and learning TM® I feel a reduction of stress and
anxiety, which is saying a lot in this time of the COVID-19 scare. I have done
many meditations, and I feel that TM® really reaches the essence of what meditation is.
Paul Vargas, keyboarder for the popular eighties band Missing Persons

Jim Meade should have been one of those writers who got rich writing. But alas.   At least he can write—very well.  Robert Sanny, Independent Publisher

The strange thing is, I went into TM® looking for a fix to a confidence problem—and I got so much more in return.  Emotional and psychological stuff that hadn’t moved in years moved literally after my first 20-minute session. Ron Cabreros, Business Exec.

Jim Meade’s ability to write is both uplifting and inspiring. Have you read any of his books yet?! I can’t wait to read his next book on anxiety since this is the season in which we each are living with it daily!! Lesleigh J. Tolin, M.S. Counseling Psychology Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist®

Jim Meade brings deep knowledge to the surface for all to understand and enjoy. As a seeker of health and truth, I don’t know where I would be without his life-changing advice. Anna Dixon, Yoga teacher, inventor, Mom

I learned TM® with Jim and Nina. My biggest problem in life is being ADHD. I find myself all over the place throughout the day, never finding a calm moment.  That 20 minutes of meditation is the greatest 20 minutes of the day for my head.  It’s my time to relax.  I can do it almost anywhere.  I find that calm space and when it’s over, I feel more focused.  I’m almost 60 years old; my biggest regret was not trying TM® earlier in my life.  I’m loving it. Denny Tedesco. Director of the Wrecking Crew Documentary

Jim Meade has a gift for bringing out the essence of what we need to know . . . before anyone else has done it. He was the first to envision a simple, easy way for the world to understand the revolutionary Voicemail concept being introduced in the mid 1980s:  “Voicemail—Use it while you’re in, not out!” became the Voicemail Industry’s story line and a key element in the proliferation of Voicemail services worldwide!   Paul Finnigan, President, International Voicemail Association.

I have lived my entire life with clinical depression inherited genetically from my father’s side of the family. That, along with ADD, Childhood PTSD, and Dyslexia thrown in for good measure, is what I brought to my first meeting with Jim and Nina Meade. In spite of working in a high-stress environment 12 to 16 hours a day, the TM® program taught to me by Jim and Nina has been nothing short of life changing. I admit to being a bit reluctant at first to follow Jim and Nina’s protocol, but I am so glad I did. Nina’s technical explanations, in concert with Jim’s thoughtful and entertaining lectures following the weekly group meditations have been a source of comfort and inspiration. By the time I was 3 1/2 years into my journey with TM®, I turned to my wife one evening and gently told her “I am not depressed anymore!” I had been gradually feeling better for some time, and even getting a sense of humor back, but I was afraid to feel as though I could count on it as it seemed too good to be true. I am still practicing and still feeling improvement.

I feel as though TM® has accelerated the psychotherapy I have received (which I believe in and am grateful for) by 10 years. Prior to TM® I had tried many forms of meditation, but I suppose, in part due to my ADD none of them proved effective. If you are suffering (as I was) with depression please consider TM® as part of your therapy. For me it has turned out to be the mainstay of my therapy, and I must note that I do not take any depression medications. I would like to thank Jim and Nina for being such wonderful guides.
Joseph Geisinger Cinema Audio Society member since 1980. Nominated for Oscar and B.A.F.TA. Awards Best Sound Mixing Motion Picture

Words are just that, words! . . . sign posts to get to a point and the experience is MUCH GREATER than the words! And yet I yearn to say that I feel love, I have these experiences of heavy heavenly vibrations all over my head, the amazing feeling of the tension being released from behind my eyes and nose air passages, being cloaked in this light of love and I do not want to say words I just want others to experience it for themselves. It is interesting to feel such passion about something so natural, so innocent, so loving. Maharishi is absolutely correct in (humorously) saying you cannot forget the experience of the self, once you dip into this ocean of nothingness you can never forget how refreshing the water is. Jerome Buchanan, Professional Fighter

Dear Jim and Nina,
This is to again express my appreciation for your leadership in the Encino Center for TM®, and especially for the synchronized daily meditations, which have added a key ingredient to my life that had been missing for many years. Since “getting with the program” for the past few weeks, I have been enjoying a marked improvement in creativity, mental clarity (especially memory and sequential planning), enhanced sensory perception and overall enjoyment of life. In particular, I notice that I get much less frustrated with irritations and screw-ups, including all matters pertaining to the current pandemic. I also find that a deeper dimension of gratitude and tenderness has developed in my feelings, especially towards my wife and other dear people in my life. John Mears

When I was 26 years old I started to smoke weed, and some other different sources of drugs. I tried many years to run away from my self and from the world. And it did work just fine. Bit by bit my weed usage because extremely high I couldn’t do and I didn’t do anything without it, even when I was 40 when my daughter was born, I was high. 

The numbness of my conscience and feelings brought me to choose wrong relationships over and over in my life, especially with my daughter’s mom. We had one of the worst relationships that I ever heard of. And I kept running for the weed can using it more and more. I did not realize how it wasn’t a source of calm and escaping any more. For me it became a power to drag me down. With the constant fighting with my ex, the weed helped me to lose my self-esteem and confidence. I constantly tried to avoid eye contact with anyone that I met, even friends and relatives. Now I understand how the weed was a source of anxiety for me. I couldn’t maintain my life anymore. 

As a last resort I was looking for help and in a mysterious way I heard about TM®. 

I contacted San Fernando Valley center in California and the voice of a woman was on the other side of the phone. She told me that her husband will do the course for me if I want to sign in. When I ask for the price, I realized that there is no chance that I can afford it. I told her that I am on disability. I was injured at work and I cannot work for a long time. She gave me a big discount, but it wasn’t enough and then she told me that they will divide it into payments that I can afford. I felt that I’m already in the right place because of her effort of trying to help me so much

After I sign in Jim called me to schedule the first day of the course. I told him that I’m using weed excessively and he right away told me that he doesn’t teach TM® for people that use substance. I told him that I’m serious and I need it, this is my last resort in life, and I feel that I’m on a dead end. Like his wife he heard my voice and realized that I’m really asking for help. He then said that he was willing to make an exception for me. “Come on Saturday” he said. The TM® technique will help you get rid of it

Of course I came high that day, I didn’t need anything else for so many years. But like a lightning strike through the first meditation tears start dropping from my eyes. I felt extreme peace and relief that I could never explain in words. 

Jim and TM® saved my life. Two days after I had no urge in me to stay high anymore. The meditation gave me this pure joy and calmness that I was looking for all of these years. Suddenly I realized that the weed was an enemy to my life and not a helping hand. 

TM® made drugs to be insignificant for me and I stopped cold turkey from doing any substances. Since then I had weed around me from friends and occasions and I never had a little urge of going back to it. All I need is my 20 minutes peaceful time twice a day to fulfill my life.  T. O.

James Meade is a superstar author who is at home with a wide range of intellectual themes—from the sacred to the scientific and technological. His mind knows no barriers. What’s more, he’s an incredibly nice person and the perfect collaborator. Even after knowing him for decades and witnessing his brilliance as a writer, I continue to be amazed at his prowess. Dean Draznin

Since the 60s and 70s, I have been aware of the Maharishi and Transcendental Meditation®.  More recently, I came to wonder what I had been missing.  Learning TM® from Jim at my local center was one of the great things I’ve ever done.  A real ‘aha!’ moment.  Negativity, worry, and stress dissolve with the daily practice.  Life gets better.  Jim said it would be like this! ,Ralph Davis. Software Consultant

Transcendental Meditation has been not only a game-changer but a life changer.
Brock Bond, Professional Baseball Player turned teacher of the TM® program

I had the pleasure of being taught by Jim. It was the best introduction to TM I could have hoped for.  I have since used it as a tool almost daily, and it has given me a sense of peace and a reprieve from the stresses I face on a daily basis as a director and creative executive. Anthony Pietromonaco ,Commercial Director and CCO Company X Media 

TM® and the practice have been an absolute game-changer for me and my family—especially according to my wife. She’s repeatedly shared that I’m far less anxious when it comes to the little things (i.e., our kids ignoring us when we call their names 10,000x; our kids fighting with one another… basically, our kids being the little-shit by-products of the individuals who created them) and far more present when engaging with her, our family, and others.

Personally, I think TM® has really helped me compartmentalize—in a good way. When I’m writing, I’m not worried about our kids or money or anything other than writing, and when I’m doing other stuff, I’m not worried that I’m not writing—THAT used to be a real issue for me; anxiety-wise.

With regard to your instruction, as I’ve been told, I had a very unique experience when it came to my introduction to the practice— you and I did four one-on-one sessions (due to the pandemic and the lack of other students), which really allowed you to focus on me, my questions, and my experience when it came to learning the practice. You were patient, communicative, and knew a thing or two about basketball—so, that made it all the easier. 

I’ve been practicing TM® for just over fifteen months now, and when I’m around people who I haven’t seen in that same time period (in all likelihood, due to the pandemic), they notice the difference in how I carry myself—it’s not carefree and aloof, but it’s far more present, focused, and engaged. I share with everyone that it’s TM® that’s the difference. S.

The terms “stress” and “anxiety” are heard frequently these days, and with good reason. The mental/emotional experience of the two is almost the same. Research now indicates that they overlap in physiological sequalae as well. In this eminently readable book, James Meade presents evidence that the technique of Transcendental Meditation dramatically reduces both stress and anxiety, further confirming the close links between the two and showing how practice of this technique can lead to a happier, healthier life. Kenneth Walton, Ph.D. Adjunct Associate Research Professor, Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention, Maharishi International University